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American Football In The UK.

The American National Football League (NFL) is today the envy of sports league around the world. The current annual revenue for the sport is estimated to be at $13 billion. This makes it be the world’s richest sports league. About 68000 fans are estimated to have attended each game fixture in the United States. The national football games also tops the list of both single events (Super Bowl) and the regular programming (Sunday- night football).

The NFL has also been looking abroad. Starting from 2007, it has been staging at least two regular-season games in the United Kingdom. Recently it has increased the games to three. Despite the sport gaining popularity in the UK, many parents discourage their children from getting involved with it. The American Football puts its players to risk. The number of players that suffered concussions by participating in the game were 271. British teams have also been suffering losses. However, the hope is that the losses are eventually to be offset by the revenue that is obtained from the sponsorships, sale of NFL merchandises and commercial rights. Also playing in London presents a new huge market because the games are televised to the Asian market.

According to the current arrangements, there will be at least four fixtures in London. The agreement to have the four games is due to the agreement made between the NFL organisers and two of Britain’s leading Channels. As part of the agreement, one of the television channels will air 100 live games while the free to air channel will host weekly highlight shows. Another Benefit of popularising NFL in Britain is the fact that there a lot of tickets that are sold for a particular game.

Since many of Britain’s colleges and Universities offer the game, it has become very popular among the young people. There has been many clubs that are coming up in the country. The education institutions therefore have proved to be major breeding grounds for sports as it has been the case with the other sports such as soccer. The American Football has is not the time it is being introduced in Britain because it has been there since the world war two. It was brought about by the British soldiers who were assigned to serve in Britain. There has however been considerable change in the recent years as the game has continued to gain popularity.

Betting in Britain is another factor that has contributed to the American football gaining popularity in the Britain. There has been an increase in the online free bets in the U.K and when there is a new sport, it makes the gambling more interesting.

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