Home Decor – 7 Things to Consider When Painting a Home Exterior

Unquestionably, home furniture and furnishings represent the interior d├ęcor sense and the overall personality of the owner but the first impression comes from the exterior of the home. So, one must not compromise on any of the aspects regarding exterior designing and painting of the home. Here are some really important things that you must consider to ensure that the exterior of the house speaks aloud for the brilliance at home furniture and furnishings, inside.

Weather and Climate

One of the most important aspects to consider is the “Mother Nature”. You must know the weather pattern in your area. Always choose the dry weather to paint your home because paint always requires some time to dry and it does not adhere to the damp surface.

Quality of Paint

Always prefer the quality over price. Many companies offer the best quality paints with a long lasting color guarantee and the weather proof coating of the paint will provide an extra layer of protection against weather changes.

Color Selection

Color selection is a tricky step. Try to choose a nice and trendy color which will be in trends for next couple of years. Light colors give an impression of capacious and welcoming home while the dark colors give a well-made and more substantial look to the home.

Look at the Landscaping

Landscaping counts a lot to give your home an attractive appearance. Selecting a green color for a home, immensely surrounded by trees or greenery, would be a flop idea. On the other hand, where the landscaping is sparse, bold and bright paint will look as if too brash.

Do Accent

Choose an attractive color scheme for the exterior of your home and highlighting the architectural details with some contrasting color may prove to be an award-winning idea. Highlighting the architecture using different colors is a great idea, for sure, but fend off drawing attention to the dreary features like asymmetrically positioned windows and air-conditioning units etc.

Blending in with Neighborhood

It is pretty fine to harmonize your exterior paint scheme with that of your neighbor’s home, somehow. However, it does not keep you restricted to the specific set of colors, already painted on your neighbor’s home. You may get creative with alike colors but if you have a stronger inclination towards some color in contrast then make it sure that your home does not look too strange.

Never Wing It

Keep one thing in your mind that color on the wall will never be the exactly same as on the chip. So, buy a quart of your chosen color and paint on the small low-key areas of your home exterior. Go for it only if you are satisfied with the final results otherwise, you still have a plenty of choices to consider.