Alternative Real Estate Solution Fast Cash Offers Now Provides Quick Home Sales


(Houston, TX)–When a person lists their house on the market, their hopes of selling it are high. However, according to Texas industry statistics, much of the luck of the draw depends on the month of the year a person lists their house. List it in January and the home could be sitting for an average of 64 days versus 38 days if it’s listed in June or July according to Market Trends as of June, 2016. The problem arises, however, when your home has to be sold immediately.

Guillermo Coronado, spokesperson for Fast Cash Offers ( explains. “We have a number of clients who come to us because their home has already been sitting on the market for longer than they can afford to wait. Perhaps it’s not in the best of condition and the other homes beat it out every time. Other times, one of the family members has already been transferred and the family simply cannot afford to keep two households any longer. Divorce, foreclosure, any number of problems could force people to need to sell immediately.”

At Fast Cash Offers ( the condition of the house is not an issue. Says Coronado, “If the house is in terrible shape and you don’t want to (or can’t) fix it up… No problem, we’ll deal with it for you. It’s really not uncommon. Sometimes, the problems just escalate and homeowners feel overwhelmed. Other times there has been a death in the family or a divorce and there isn’t the money to do the repairs. We take this all into consideration when we make our offer.”

Coronado goes on to say, “Trying to sell a home is a very stressful time. Our goal at Fast Cash Offers is to help make your life easier and to get out from under that property that’s stressing you out, while still paying a fast, fair, and honest price for your house. We have helped hundreds of Houston homeowners sell their homes. Take a look at our website ( to read the testimonials.”


Fast Cash Offers is a real estate solutions company based out of Houston. As a family owned business, they focus on helping homeowners find solutions for their real estate problems, be it a foreclosure, unsalable property, or just the need to sell a house for any number of reasons. purchases houses in the Houston area regardless of the condition, taking over the burden of unwanted property and homes. The firm makes sellers fair all-cash offers on their property, providing the funds in as little as five days.